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This site is a wiki about the file manager Total Commander. It is like an encyclopedia about Total Commander where everyone is allowed to edit pages and to create new pages. Christian Ghisler, author of Total Commander, has made this wiki available as a service to all people having an interest in Total Commander. If you need help reading or editing this wiki, click Help.

Unless mentioned otherwise, the articles in this wiki are about Total Commander for the Windows platform.

Requirements for editing

Although editing of the wiki is free, it does require to register an account. Registration only requires you to enter user name (an alias will do), a valid e-mail address and a password.

Registration is done by registering an account for the Total Commander Forum. User name and password for this forum will also be valid to log on to the wiki.

In order to prevent spam, the following extra requirements were introduced:

  1. The forum account must be at least 14 days old to be able to login in the Wiki
  2. The user needs to have at least 1 post in the forum

Allowed languages

There is an English wiki (this wiki) for the English speaking community and a German wiki for the German speaking community. About other languages Christian Ghisler has stated [1]:

I'm sorry but I will not add additional Wikis like the German wiki. Why? Since I'm the hoster, I'm responsible also for the content. Therefore I have to understand the language. Therefore I suggest that if someone wants to write his own Wiki in another language, he should host it himself, but place a link on the English Wiki so people know about it.
Thanks for your understanding!
Author of Total Commander

If you do place a link to a wiki in another language, please do so at an appropriate place.

Policies and guidelines

The policies and guidelines of this wiki can be found in the following categories:

Policies and guidelines are guidelines for contributing to the wiki. They help to improve the quality of the wiki. Guidelines help to: write good articles, doing things a standardized way, organize the wiki well, make good use of the possibilities of the wiki. Policies are guidelines everyone should follow.

Policies and guidelines are not imposed by anyone. Like any other article in this wiki, policies and guidelines are written and maintained by the community.

Discussions and projects

Discussions and projects can be found in the following categories:

Discussions can be about anything related to this wiki (about certain article pages, about the organization of the wiki, about policies and guidelines, about the help pages, etc.).

Projects are planned undertakings in order to realize relatively big changes to the wiki.