TC 7.5b3 often slows down the pc

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TC 7.5b3 often slows down the pc

Post by *Cooperdale »

Since I've gone from b2 to b3 I've had strange slowdowns on Vista 64, for instance when switching from a drive to another.

More over, today I opened the program and it closed after a few seconds, saying the executable was corrupted and to check if I had a virus. I scanned the pc with both online and offline antiviruses and found nothing.

I think Avira Antivir has some problem with the b3 executable though, and that may be the cause of the slowdown. If I scan the TC folder with old versions up to b2, it takes about half a second to scan. If I scan with b3, it takes about 4 minutes, getting stuck for two minutes on history.txt and totalcmd.exe.

Quite strange, I know... I was almost positive it was a virus, but it doesn't get detected in any way.
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Post by *karlchen »

Hello, Cooperdale.

I cannot confirm either of the two things which you complain about:
+ Total Commander 7.50 PB3 does not run any slower than the previous versions
+ Avira Antivir has not got any problem with Total Commander 7.50 PB3.

Environment here:
+ Pentium III, 667 MHz, 256 MB RAM
+ Windows XP Prof SP1, 32bit
+ Total Commander 7.04a, 7.50 pb1, 7.50 pb2, 7.50 pb3
+ Avira Antivir Free Personal Edition

Avira Details:

Code: Select all

Produktversion 17.04.2009
Suchengine 13.05.2009
Virendefinitionsdatei 24.05.2009
Control Center 30.01.2009
Config Center 20.02.2009
Luke Filewalker 27.04.2009
AntiVir Guard 02.03.2009
Filter 13.02.2009
Planer 27.04.2009
Updater 27.04.2009
Each Total Commander programme folder including all its subfolders has just been scanned by Avira's Luke FileWalker. Here are the results:
  • Total Commander 7.04a:
    13 folders, 146 files, time needed: 8 sec., status: clean
  • Total Commander 7.50 pb1:
    13 folders, 631 files, time needed: 11 sec., status: clean
  • Total Commander 7.50 pb2:
    14 folders, 653 files, time needed: 10 sec., status: clean
  • Total Commander 7.50 pb3:
    9 folders, 582 files, time needed: 10 sec., status: clean
As you seem to experience quite a different behaviour of Avira, I assume that either of the following factors may make the difference:
+ You use a different Avira version
+ Your Avira configuration is pretty different from mine
+ Your Avira malware definition files need an update urgently

In any case, if you really think that Avira is to be blamed you should consider reporting so to Avira in the first place.

I really fail to see how a suspected slowdown caused by Avira might constitute a T.C. 7.50 PB3 bug?

Kind regards,
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Post by *Clo »


:) Hello Karl !

• I use also Avira (Free), I tested quickly scanning the 7.5 ß-3-P directory from the local menu item:
- It took ~ 5 seconds to initialize the AV, and ~ 10 seconds to scan it…
Total size :  48,160,621 Bytes - 10 sub-dirs…
CPU: Celeron 2.39 GHz
RAM : 496 Mio (only, because the share with the graphic chip)
Win XP-Pro SP1 (French)

Just my 0.05 €…

:mrgreen: VG
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Post by *Cooperdale »

My Avira is the Premium version. I'll try to report the problem to them. But I noticed that after reinstalling b3 the problem is gone... I really don't know how the TC executable became corrupted, since everything else keeps on working just fine.
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Post by *ouzoWTF »

I had no problem with Avira Professional nor the Free Edition. Both tested with PB2 and PB3.
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