Wish list ala Sweglish!!..

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Wish list ala Sweglish!!..

Post by *omdawe »

1. TC is the best software out there and i do hope TCP becomes as strong as my TC on my desktop.

2. i would like to have the option of two windows open at the same time as standard TC. I do like "Virtual 2 window mode" but i still would like two window view on the same screen. As for comparing 2 folders would be easier for me.

3. And for the buttons # for changing the screen is bugging me a bit as # is on my Z key. and if i want to go to the letter Z i can´t now as it changes to the other window. Would it not be possible to have as TC custom settings for your keyboard? like press "your whatever key" then select the "what function you like to use this for"? Or using some button that don´t have a letter on it like "." "shift"

4. Little bit the same as number 3. I do love the "F1" keys and i do love it also on TC pocket but the same again if i like to go the letter G i can’t as this shows me the dialog Move (F6). What about i have to click the button that on my phone is called "FN" on my friends phone called "ALT" then the number pad is activated and then when i click the numbers the "F1" or what functions start working?

3. "Select button" i would like to have this as "SPACE" as standard TC and if i select a file and want to select a file further down on the list i just go to that file and click space again. Not like it is now when i select a file then i have to select the next file under the file i already selected. This is not so good system to upload on FTP if im uploading some files not next to each other.. And instead of the "Select" button have the button showing the "F1-12" keys in a drop down?? This would make the right one "File" gets more slim fit.

4. FTP errors.. If i connect to my server and then i didn’t use it for some time and i guess the connection is lost. Then i would like to copy another file i just changed. (this don’t happens always).(*) Then when i want to connect it shows the connection window but nothing happens. I press cancel the connection and it tells me its a port error. Then i press cancel on that and im still trying to go back a folder and i press "C" back a folder. And it repeats its self from (*). So its no way i even can use that window of the ftp connection now as its stuck in a loop of trying to connect but it can’t. So i need to close TCP and restart is and then when i want to connect i get the standard window where it says your login in information and i press ok then it connects again.

5. FTP upload in background?? F2? As its only possible to run one TCP at the time!..

6. Address bar/BreadCrumbsBar. I LOVE to have this.. So it would go faster to go to a folders and i don’t need to look into every folder before im in the destination folder.

7. Tabbed window, as i use TCP as my main program on my phone i would like have tabbed browsing as when i want to start a program i don’t want to use the windows START thingy to see all my program links to open, I go to that folder where the links are, (my phone is not the fastest) and going to the Windows folder is a bit slow to open and going thru as this folder have many files in it just to go to my programs makes this operation slower. If i would have tabs i could just go this tab strait away.

This is just some things i would like to change.

Tanx for your time reading and i hope you understand what im trying to say even if its shitty Sweglish..
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Post by *ghisler(Author) »

Thanks for all your suggestions! Actually there is a two panel mode in current versions - except for the smartphone version, which is meant for smartphones without a touch screen. It's not very useful though, except on devices with a large screen...
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