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Post by *sgp » 2014-11-17, 15:40 UTC

iana wrote:
F3 works fine now for most formats except mkv. If I press F3 on an mkv file I get the standard TC viewer in IE mode and a download file dialog (for a local file).
I've newer had this problem, on the other hand what ie plugin are you using, ieview has been abandoned you should try HTMLView
I'm not sure why htmlview is not on
I have issues with archview loading on mkv files.
iana, I don't know how I missed your reply for so long, sorry. Anyway, the issue with mkv files went away by itself.
I use multilister 1.50a, it has its own ie support built in, although I find it lacking css stylesheet support, but I didn't spend any time investigating why. I might try htmlview, but if there was a firefox or webkit engine plugin I'd switch to it in an instant!

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Update to MediaInfo v0.7.72

Post by *tbeu » 2015-01-19, 08:32 UTC

Updated archive contains v0.7.72 of Mediainfo.dll.

Download: wdx_mediainfo.rar (x86/x86-64) (C++ sources included)
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Post by *humb20 » 2015-08-27, 18:32 UTC

I installed the file you posted as well as the one from Chio Lui, and I'm not seeing the mediainfo menu item anywhere. How exactly do you use this plugin to make it work?

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Post by *XPEHOPE3KA » 2016-07-30, 20:42 UTC

Can you please add Encoded Date and Recorded Date fields? They're useful to redate files if the import utility didn't do that.
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Post by *Eowyn » 2017-09-12, 09:45 UTC

Is wdx_mediainfo.rar (x86/x86-64) the most topical version?

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Post by *iana » 2017-09-17, 03:29 UTC

just update MediaInfo dll's from
currently at version 0.7.99
grab the 7z archives DLL (Without Installer) and put them in the plugin folder replacing the old DLL's
you will need to rename the 64bit dll to MediaInfo64.dll

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