FAQs: Button-code: How-to Copy Share Paste a button ('TOTALCMD#BAR#DATA')

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FAQs: Button-code: How-to Copy Share Paste a button ('TOTALCMD#BAR#DATA')

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Did you know already...

you can copy and paste a button or save it as text to a file or exchange it over the forum?

Explanation about "TOTALCMD#BAR#DATA"

That is a formal description for a Total Commander-Button which you can exchange between user by posting it to the forum.

Code: Select all

cmd /k
Here a | short explanation | as Tooltip


How to use:
- mark that code, everything including 'TOTALCMD#BAR#DATA' and the last digit (here '-1')
- copy to clipboard
- right click the TC button bar at wanted place
- choose 'Paste'

To copy a button, right click the button and choose 'Copy'

Code Explanation:
Line 1: let TC recognize his own button code
Line 2: the Command
Line 3: the Parameters (a leading '?' will display the command before actual executing)
Line 4: the path to the Icon file (try 'WCMICONS.DLL' for TCs Icons)
Line 5: the Tool tip
Line 6: the Start path
Line 7: start parameter for the command as minimized / maximized (in 'usercmd.ini' this is the 'iconic' option)
Line 8: the number of the internal TC command, if any in line 2, else a '-1' is shown

More help:
Open a existing button (right click > Change...) and press F1 key to read the help about button parameters.
Click there at the 'magnifying glass' icon to get a list of TC internal commands (or open the 'TOTALCMD.INC' file with F4 key)

Also see > http://www.ghisler.ch/wiki/index.php/Buttonbar

ts4242s' Button Bar Editor > https://sites.google.com/site/ultratceditors/ultra_tc_editors#buttonbaroverview

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FAQs: Button-code: How-to Copy Share Paste a button ('TOTALCMD#BAR#DATA')

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