Adding a column to the Brief View

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Adding a column to the Brief View

Post by *ChapierX »

How can I add a custom column to the Brief View columns (Name Ext Size Date)?
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FAQs: Create a user defined 'Custom Column'

Post by *Stefan2 »

ChapierX wrote:
2019-02-20, 13:54 UTC
How can I add a custom column to the Brief View columns (Name Ext Size Date)?
Not for the build-in 'Brief View', but you can create a user defined custom column on your own:

In short:

Create a "Custom column":

- Menu "Configuration > Options > Custom columns"
- Click [New]
- - Name:[ add a description ]
- - Click [Add column]
- - ...... (NOTE: Columns "Name" and "Ext" are mandatory and can't be removed)
- - - Click [+]-button
- - - Choose a plugin , for example the build-in 'tc'-plugin
- - - ..... (For more see and there "Content plugin")
- - - and choose a Property (for example: 'path') and click [OK]
- - - ..... Now you see "path | 80 | [=tc.path]"
- - Add next column or click [OK] ones done
- [OK] for Configuration

- - -

Use a "Custom column":
- Menu "Show > Custom Columns Mode"

Switch back to original View:
- Menu "Show > Full"

Or right click on the Name-column header...

- - -

Our wiki:

Find Plugins: >>> Content plugins >>> Content plugins

- - -

You can modify the output of "tc.path" to get back only a part of that string.
(Open "Files > Multi-Rename Tool..." and there the help (press F1-key) for the syntax)
For example from MRT-Help: "[N2-5] Characters 2 to 5 from the old name..."
you would use that in Custom column like "[=tc.path:2-5]"

- - -

Extra Bonus:
There are "Content plugins" (WDX) which can execute user written scripts,
and there result/output you can use as Custom column.

Column width on the left: how to see last part only?
Use of "Expander"-plugin.
Here you could use "[=expander2.Part1.FromName]" as Custom column.

MRT: TODAY Date and date refreshing
Use of "Script Content plugin 0.2"
Here you could use "[=script.Result2]" as Custom column (if that result would make sense)

Show same file size as Windows Explorer?

Another how-to from tuska you can find there:
Custom columns | View Mode | Auto Switch Mode | Sorting

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