file compare - ignore part of line

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file compare - ignore part of line

Post by *mri »

to compare logfiles it would be nice file compare could ignore the start of each line (timestamp).
- first n char (simple and fast)
- up to first/second occurrence of a string like #9, #32 or ' - '
- regular expression (slow, could remove or select any part of line)

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Re: file compare - ignore part of line

Post by *HolgerK »

mri wrote:
2019-12-21, 15:08 UTC
- first n char (simple and fast)
ghisler(Author) wrote:
2006-12-07, 20:03 UTC
This is just an _experimental_ feature, and not perfect at all yet. For example, lines which compare as identical after the ignored part are still shown as different (in red color) if they differ in the ignored part - that part is only ignored in the line by line ignore phase. The feature would need a lot of additional work, for which I just don't have the time right now.
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