Total Commander 8.0 rc 2 available (32bit+64bit)

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Total Commander 8.0 rc 2 available (32bit+64bit)

Post by *ghisler(Author) » 2012-05-11, 10:11 UTC

Total Commander 8.0 release candidate 2 is available now!

You can download it from

While this is still a pre-release version, we think that it is now sufficiently stable to be used for every day work.

Please report bugs here in the new TC 8 beta bug report forum, ONE BUG PER MESSAGE!

What's new?
There are no new features in the program itself, but we now offer a combined 64-bit+32-bit installer for 64-bit Windows. It's useful for people who want to work with the 64-bit version, but need some 32-bit plugins from time to time.

Total Commander 8.0 is the first version available in both 32-bit and 64-bit. Currently there aren't many 64-bit plugins yet - I will publish them when they become available. Therefore you should keep the 32-bit version for the moment if you use plugins regularly.

A list of additions and corrections, also for previous versions, can be found in the history file.

As usual, the update is free for all registered users.

Christian Ghisler
Author of Total Commander