bad destination estimated while moving side by side

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Michael REMY
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bad destination estimated while moving side by side

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here a strange bug bug which occured since many old release (<8) of TC.

in the left view, i got d drive with 1.3GB of free space, in c:\folder1 path

in the right view i got d drive TOO, so 1.3GB of free space TOO, but in c:\folder2 path

i tried de move a 1.6GB file from folder1 to folder2

so i use the button in the bottom bar of TC to use that.

TC said there is no enought space !

whereas when i used other method (windows one, copy/cut) it runs fine.
i'm an old long user of TC since the windows 3.11 release !, for the history, i came to tc when i migrate from amiga commodore to PC where they are diskmanager and directory opus there.

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Post by *ghisler(Author) »

This happens when TC cannot move the file directly for some reason, e.g. because source and target are on different disks (using hard or soft links), or the source is open in another program, or currently scanned by a virus scanner. Then TC tries to copy and then delete.
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