Suggestion for TС Search ListBox

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Suggestion for TС Search ListBox

Post by *AntonDudarenko »

Right now all found results for entered search pattern are filling the ListBox (TWidthListBox) in a flat view.
Each result/file - is placed on its corresponding new record item in this list.

And i have a suggestion for this listbox.
Lets use the folding strings inside the listbox.
Files from the similar nesting level specified in the Setup parameter - must be collapsed into a single node of the overall folding structure.
The mentioned parameter is entered next to the available comboboxes of search settings, which are located just above this listbox.
Next to the folding node in brackets you must specify the number of elements found and hidden now inside this node.
This is, for example, very convenient for the purposes of searching for a directory with N number of files containing the search string. Then I immediately see - in which directory/subdirectory is the most files containing this line. I will quickly then go to the required directory and continue my job of searching there.
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Re: Suggestion for TС Search ListBox

Post by *jinsight »

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