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Multi-rename tool > Upper/lowercase default

Post by *gezgin »

(Using TC 9.21a 64 bit (2018-08-21))

The first time I start up the multi-rename tool, the default setting for the "Upper/lowercase" button is "Unchanged". Is there a way (by means of a wincmd.ini entry I would suppose) to make the startup default for this button "All lowercase"?

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FAQs: Multi-rename tool (MRT) / Save+Load template (MULTIRENAME) / Default setting (MultiRenameLoadSettings)

Post by *Stefan2 »

In Deutsch >>>

You can save the configuration made in MRT (Multi rename tool)

See [F2 Load/save settings] at the right side in MRT.

Configure the MRT as you want, press F2 and save e.g. as 'mrt_AllLower'
Next you can just [Close] the tool.

On next launch of the MRT, just got to F2 again and load your saved setting.

To load such saved setting from a button, use internal command 'MULTIRENAME'

Example Button:
Command: MULTIRENAME mrt_AllLower
Tooltip: Load MRT with my saved setting

Another example:
Command: MULTIRENAME <default>
Tooltip: Load MRT <default> clean and fresh without settings from last use

More flexible would be a User-defined command, which you can also use as command in a button,
but additionally you can assign a keyboard shortcut (TC settings > Misc.) to such a User-defined command.

For to reset last settings on start to get a clean and fresh MRT
- launch MRT
- press F2-key
- choose <default> (just press the '<' -key)

(Tip: if you in need, save this e.g. as "A-CleanDefault" and follow next tip to always start MRT clean and fresh)

For to load the MRT always with such setting as default,

Configure the MRT as you want, press F2 and save that settings.

Next modify the WINCMD.ini

(just add the line if not already there)

Examples to use above made settings as default settings on every MRT-Start:

-or as tip from petermad, just use the default clean settings:

Please note that that will "just" launch the MRT with your settings,
selected files are added too,

but you still have to see the dialog and you have to click on [Start!]

For to "rename on click and done" we would have to utilize a script.
Spoiler: >Example VBScript<

Code: Select all

'VBScript to rename selected files
'ATTENTION: in THIS script there is NO error handling, it simple renames 'A' to 'B'!!!
'Stefan 13:35 13.09.2018
'Found at:
' --Save as my.vbs in TC-folder
' --Create Button:
' Command: "%Commander_Path%\my.vbs"
' Parameters: "%F"
' Start path:
' --select files
' --press button

IF (WScript.Arguments.Count>0) Then vTCsPara=WScript.Arguments(0) ELSE WScript.Quit
SET strTCTempFile = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject").OpenTextFile(vTCsPara, 1)
SET FSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Do While Not strTCTempFile.AtEndOfStream
    strCurrFile = strTCTempFile.ReadLine
    IF Right(strCurrFile,1) <> "\" THEN 'File only, no Folder
	   'strBaseName = FSO.GetBaseName(strCurrFile)
	   'strExtensio = FSO.GetExtensionName(strCurrFile)
        strNewName = replace(strCurrFile,"x","U")  '<<<<<<<<< here is your Business
        FSO.MoveFile strCurrFile, strNewName
    END IF
(Another example:

Undo and Reload

Additional tip:

Please note the [Undo]-button.
A Undo is still available even after closing the MRT (as long as there was no other renaming in the meantime)

Also note the "Reload"-button on the left of [Start!].
With that you can load renamed files again to perform a second step.


(the same explanation in other words, taken from:

Q: How to make [E] box unmarked by default in Multi-Rename Tool

A: Here is a step-by-step instruction:

01.12.08 Release Total Commander 7.50 Beta 1
30.01.08 Added: New internal command with parameters: MULTIRENAME <saved rename parameters>
opens the multi-rename dialog box with the specified rename parameters.
Giving an invalid name will set all options to the default values

- launch MRT
- un-check the "[x]E" option
- F2 save settings as 'noE'

I have now in my wincmd.ini:

- - -

create a button

- click that button
MRT opens, with the "[x]E" option un-checked

- - -

Create a usercmd / shortcut

then selected Ctrl+M as a hotkey,
opened Command
then magnify icon
then chose usercmd.ini,
pressed New,
typed "em_MULTIRENAME saved_rename_settings"


Apply by clicking the hook button

- press Ctrl+M, the MRT launch and the "[x]E" option is un-checked

To remove the usercmd from the default hotkey:
go to Config>Misc , then selected Ctrl+M and click on the magnifying glass,
chose the very first option (Default command, no remapping) at the very top. OK, OK.

- - -

Change the MRT default setting

- modify the wincmd.ini
(See "Help > About TC > INI-Files" and "Config > Change Settings Files Directly")

- search for "MultiRenameLoadSettings"
- not there, so I add that line under [Configuration]

- save the INI
- press Ctrl+M, the MRT launch and the "[x]E" option is un-checked

- - -

How to make [E] box unmarked by default in Multi-Rename Tool
MRT: MUT: MULTIRENAME <saved rename parameters>
Multi-rename tool: Pre- user- configuration // Load settings

FAQs: How to create an button

FAQs: User-Defined Command (UDC) (usercmd.ini) em_command

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