i got a registration KEY but no wincmd.key FILE

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i got a registration KEY but no wincmd.key FILE

Post by *ami1964 »

i got by mail a registration key 123456-123456-123456-123456-123456
i did not get a wincmd.key file
i cant register the commnder
do i have to get a wincmd file? can i register with the above?
Thank you
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Re: i got a registration KEY but no wincmd.key FILE

Post by *Stefan2 »

Hi and welcome ami1964.

Sorry for the circumstances, please by patient till Monday the office opens.

Till then, have you took a look into your spam folder?

You can use TC during the trail period without any key.

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Would be good to know if this is still the way it works:

History.txt wrote: 15.11.16 Added: New method to download key directly to TC directory (32/64)
ghisler(Author) wrote:
2016-11-17, 10:40 UTC
by *ghisler(Author) » Thu Nov 17, 2016 11:40
I'm preparing a new registration scheme where users get a 30 digit code,
which they can then use to either download the key from our homepage,
or TC downloads it directly when the code is pasted to it.
I'm doing this because mails with attachments are often blocked by spam filters these days...
Because I have never seen that.

Ordering online
Please read the following carefully:
1. Please allow about 1-2 business days delivery time until you receive the registration key!

Post by *ghisler(Author) » Sun Dec 23, 2012 15:08
We handle orders every day except for the weekends (when we handle it just once Saturday+Sunday).

- - -

If someone have the same problem but don't want to register here just for the question
then he can always write to the mail account found at "Help > About Total Commander..."
(or at the imprint web page https://www.ghisler.com/imprint.htm)
and provide the order details and the name of the mail provider he had specified.
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Re: i got a registration KEY but no wincmd.key FILE

Post by *ghisler(Author) »

The mail with the key code describes where to download the key with the key code.
If you have troubles getting the key, please contact me by e-mail to support at ghisler dot com.
Author of Total Commander
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