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Christian Ghisler, born in Switzerland in 1969, is the author of Total Commander and is solely responsible for the development and support of Total Commander.

Ghisler Software GmbH

Christian Ghisler together with his brother founded the company C. Ghisler & Co. (KG), Switzerland. The company changed name and legal form in 2009 to Ghisler Software GmbH.


Christian Ghisler has studied Physics, Math and Computer Science.

E-mail address

You can contact Mr. Ghisler by e-mail. You can find the email addresses on the following pages:

Produced software

Standalone software


Content plugins

  • AttrEx plugin - Sample plugin for showing extended files attributes.
  • CodePage Utility plugin - Plugin to find file names with characters from a different code page.
  • Exif plugin - Plugin to extract digital camera data from JPG files.
  • Fsize plugin - Sample plugin for showing occupied space attributes.
  • Id3 tag plugin - Plugin to extract id3 tag data (version 1 only) from mp3 files.
  • Netware Info plugin - Plugin showing custom files attributes for Netware system.

File system plugins

Lister plugins

  • Ebcdicview - Plugin to show ebcdic encoded files.
  • Jpegthumbs - Plugin to load thumbnails of JPEG pictures in a very memory efficient and fast way.

Packer plugins

  • Bzip2 plugin - Plugin to create and extract bzip2 archives.
  • Diskdir - Plugin to create plain text files containing folder lists.
  • Makebat plugin - Plugin to create batch files and mp3 play lists (m3u).