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This page lists some Total Commander plugins and addons which are currently neither listed on nor released officially on
The list was initially compiled by XPEHOPE3KA, and it was initially in Russian.


  • The colors have priorities in order of their definition:
  marks information, which has changed within last update of this file.
  marks addons not recommended for use. Reasons differ - look through the links and comments.
  marks those addons, which are already listed at, but listed not fully, or just mentioned in a strange place, etc...
  • If there is a page, which contains more or less comprehensive description of addon's function, the 'comments' field may be omitted.
  • The table is sorted first by price, then by author and at last by addon's title.

Full list

Type Title / Version $ Author aka nick (forum) Addon's page №1 Addon's page №2 Download (direct link or not!) Comments
document TC paramake 0 Andreas Janka     From MS-Access database with TC search parameters for about 1400 file types

for comfortable transfer to Total Commander

wcx CabCE 1.0 beta 0 Andreas Ziemer Homepage Sources From author  
wcx Imaginator 1.6 0 Andreas Ziemer Homepage   From author 1.5
wlx Obj view 1.2 0 Andreas Ziemer Homepage   From author  
iconpack MAC dll 0 BEndER     From  
wfx Motorola P2K 0 Bezols     From author 0.4
wfx Brew Mobile Plugin 0.2.0b 0 BEZY ( Homepage Discussion From author  
wfx OperaFS 0 Bishop ( Homepage   From author Works with notes.adr and Opera6.adr files of Opera browser. Has custom columns
wlx CadView 0 Cadsofttools Homepage   From author 5.11
wlx Total DICOM Lister 0 Captain Stark Homepage   From author Lister Plugin for displaying metadata of DICOM files (*.dcm)
wcx MSC 0 Chun Sejin aka nyam Homepage   From author Expands/extracts files compressed with MS-COMPRESS (see de.wikipedia, extension *.??_). Discussion on forum
iconpack tcm-plus 0 Claude Charries Homepage   From author Collection of icons for TC use - icl, ico and more
exe+ma Multiarc addons collection 0 Clubtotal     From Addons and archivers for MultiArc, v. 2003
wclx Albumpack 1.03 0 Commsoft Homepage   Select 'Total Commander plugins' in the combobox. Then press on the desired plugin. To download anything from that site you must be registered on it.  
wcx Cryptonite 1.01 0 Commsoft Homepage   1.0
wflx DBLister 2.01 0 Commsoft Homepage    
wlx Image Lister 1.01 0 Commsoft Homepage   1.00
wlx Winamp Playlist Lister 1.02 0 Commsoft Homepage   1.01
wdx etiEtt 0 Dariusz J. Kawecki     From Shows width, height, material information from ETT files made by Etykiety/etiLabel
wlx GSA 1.02.1 0 darkz Homepage Discussion From author  
wlx Muniview 1.1.11 0 David Motl Homepage   From author  
wcx decJpegWCX 0 Dec ( Announcement   From author  
wlx decJsgWLX 0 Dec ( Announcement   From author  
wdx FileScanner 1.0 0 exxc ( Announcement   From Shows data for Portable Executable (PE) files (AddressOfEntryPoint, NumberOfSections etc.)
exe+wlx MyViewPad 3.5 0 fCoder Group Inc Homepage   From author 2.5.0 beta
wdx RegInfo 0 fenixproductions ( Announcement   From author  
wcx fhRAR 0.1.0 0 FlyingHorse ( Homepage Discussion From author Allows to work with multivolume and encrypted RAR archives. Sources available. Not all codepages (in filenames) are supported
wcx fhRAR 0.2.3 0 Updated by Postkutscher ( Announcement   Not from author Better handling of codepages, some other fixes
wlx Mp3IdTag 1.0 0 Francois Gannier aka fg_2002fr     From Shows Id3v1 tags for MP3. There is also an MP3 playback function, reported as unstable. Author recommends its successor, MMedia plugin (author's announce.)
wlx ebcdicview 0 Ghisler Announcement   From author  
wlx Ebcdic view 0 Updated by Helmut Walder     From It seems that a tunable transcoding table was added
wcx Dar 02.11.08 0 gulikoza ( Announcement Sources From author Disk Archive unpack plugin
wlx logtail 0 hgp ( Discussion Announcement From Show changes in LOG file in realtime.
wfx XBox DVD 1.2 0 ikk Discussion   From author Works with XBox game backup directly from DVD, without any need to create an ISO image. Sources available
wfx NokiaFS и 0 (IRoN) ( Homepage Discussion From author (beta)
exe sha256h 0 JackFoo ( Discussion   Not from author Creates/checks sha256 digest (with HMAC). See also: Checksum wcx plugin.
exe QuickSearchPlus 0 Jaco Kwak aka jaco Homepage Discussion From  
wlx Highlight 1.1 0 Jens Theess Homepage   From author Offers syntax highlighting for programming languages. Sources included.
wdx HashSys 0.2 0 joelhewitt ( Discussion   From Shows hashes of a file, 26 hash functions supported. Sources included. v. 0.2
exe List2Desc 0 Jonas Bahr aka Jonas Homepage Announcement From author Writes short (aka DOS/8.3) name of a file to its descipt.ion comment. Be careful: overwrites existing comments!!!
wfx iPod (языки обновились) 0 Jonas Bahr aka Jonas Homepage Discussion From author version
wfx Sequences 0.10 и 0.15b 0 Juergen ( Homepage Beta version 0.15 From author Allows to build sequences of serially numbered files, e.g. f1.txt, f2.txt, f4.txt, f5.txt, f6.txt as f1.txt, f2.txt, f[4-6].txt
wlx VisualDirSize 1.3b6.4 0 Karol Zoladek aka kajoj Homepage (acrhived copy)   From petermad 1.3b6.4 is a last know version of VisualDirSize (32bit only); v. 1.2 on
wcx MPQ 0 Ladislav Zezula Homepage   From author
wcx MATwcx 1.83b 0 Leandro Barajas aka Xcorpio Homepage Announcement From author Works with MATLAB R13, 14 files (.mat, .fig, .rpt, .qry, .sid, .spt), requires MATLAB runtime. v. 1.83 beta
wdx NTFS descriptions 1.1 0 Led ( Discussion   From author  
wdx TextLine 1.0 0 Led (     From author Shows a string of certain number from a file, user can use DOS/WIN codepage and specify autoreplace of certain chars
wdlx Font 0.09 0 LionTech ( Homepage Discussion From author 0.08
exe New file 1.01 0 Maciej Adamczyk     From Creates empty folders and empty files (with pre-configured default name.)
exe TC multiple commands 0.12 0 Maciej Adamczyk     From Aka TCMC. Allows to execute more than one Total Commander internal or external command at once from Total Commander button. TCMC howto in a post on forum.
exe TC restarter 0 Maciej Adamczyk     From  
exe TotalEditor 0.18 0 Maciej Adamczyk Discussion   From Aka Total Editor. Universal file editor (allows to use many editors with F4) for Total Commander, similar to Choise Editor, buf with support for file lists.
wdx TrID 0.1b2 0 Maciej Adamczyk     From Detects file type by signature. Based on (and uses) Marco Pontello's TrID. v 0.1b2
wlx AmlView 1.21 0 Mazov Gosha ( Homepage Discussion From author  
wfx ssplugin 0 Michal Czerwinski     From Works with Source Save 6.0 project. It's alpha version, sources are lost. Better use the other plugin, listed at
wlx IMGView 1.0 (12.04.07) 0 Michael Diegelmann ( Homepage Discussion From author  
wcx Cab 0 ML Roberts     From Works with InstallShield CAB & hdr. It doesn't unpack, but sources available. Better use MultiArc addons
wcx UnLZX 2.0 0 mofi ( Announcement   From Sources
wlx NFOViewer 0.8 0 MovieZ ( Discussion   Not from author Views NFO- and DIZ-files, can save them as pictures, supports thumbnails. Localized versions: German version, Spanish version
exe TCBBL 0.83 0 nsp ( Homepage Discussion From author  
wfx EnsoniqFS 0.55 beta 0 nullp01nter Homepage   From author  
wdx Extended file attributes 0 OliverPA ( Discussion   Not from author  
wcx ATR 1.4 0 Pajero/Madteam     From 0.5 beta
wcx Cabwcx 1.1 0 Paraglider Homepage   From author  
wcx PDUnSIS 1.0 0 Patrik Daransky     From Unpacks Symbian installers (*.sis).
wfx Turbo Winamp 1.00 beta 0 Peter Abelsson Homepage Author's homepage From author Allows to manage WinAmp 2.x playlists. Requires Microsoft .NET Framework runtime.
wcx Amiga PP 06.02.06 0 Peter Bakota Homepage   From author 1.0
wcx MSI plus 0 Petr Bubela Homepage   From author 0.50
wlx ListTAP 0 piwi66 ( Homepage Source   Plugin for GDR-homecomputer emulator files, written in Delphi, with Source
wdx Cert 0 PopovDM     From Shows properties of bank certificates (PEM format). v. 1.0
wcx Pl plugin 1.4 0 Progress tools Homepage   From author 1.2
exe+ma innounp 0.19 0 Gnozal, Maxwish, arsvrn, MultiArc team, deus-ex, QuickeneR Homepage     MultiArc addon for InnoUnp. Versions: v 0.19, 0.18, v. 0.17, 0.07.
wlx HTMLView 1.2 0 Rk Homepage Sources From author 1.1
wfx GMailFS 0.1 0 RMK Homepage   From author A hybride of Java server and plug-in to TotalCommander, uses g4j library to access GMail. Allowed to copy files from and to Gmail. Reported as not-working today.
exe Recycle bin cleaner 1.2.1 0 Sam Dark ( Homepage Announcement From author Command-line recycle bin cleaner. Run it once to see all options.
wdx Media 0.8 (edits tags!!) 0 SCHMaster ( Homepage   From author 0.6.1
exe Clear History for TC 1.1 0 sergeich (     From author  
exe TC here 0 Shao Zi yang     From Allows to start Total Commander with special settings, like predefined folders in panels.
wdx ShedkoBadgesTC 1.0 0 Shedko ( Homepage Announcement From author Displays badge of file or folder, set by Shedko Badges. v.1.0
exe+wlx TCThemes alpha 0 Sheridan ( Homepage Discussion From author Util for changing TC colour shemes, drive and file icons
wlx XML 1.0 0 Sheridan ( Homepage Announcement From author 1.0 (with sources; download announce is here). XML file viewer, "finished at 40%."
wcx swfproj 1.0 0 shuriksoft ( Homepage   From author Packer plugin, allows to extract *.swf from *.exe projectors.
wfx Android FS Plugin 0 SztupY Homepage Source Download XDA Forum
wlx WaveView 1.0 alternative 0 SSRLabs Homepage   From author 1.0
exe Choose Media Player 1.53 0 TC2MP ( Homepage   From author Sends selected files to media players (Windows Media Player is not supported.)
wfx Outlook & 0 Thomas Beutlich aka tbeu Discussion Sources of From author (version Sources of version DO include a working wfx
wcx GCF 1.1 0 Timo Stripf Homepage   From author Works with Valve's GCF format.
wfx Link Drive 1.0.0 0 Tir Na Nog Homepage   From author  
exe List2MultiInstance2005 0 Tir Na Nog Homepage   From author  
wlx M3UView 1.0.0 0 Tir Na Nog Homepage   From author  
wcdx NTFS Stream 0 Tir Na Nog Homepage   From author  
wfx Temp Drive 1.0.1 0 Tir Na Nog Homepage   From author  
wfx REB1100 0.2a 0 TurtleBlast software Homepage   From author  
wcx Z archiver 0.2 0 Unusual works     From page (no working download link)
wfx Clipboard Content 0 VadiMGP ( Homepage Announcement From author  
wdx FileType 1.3 0 VadiMGP (     From Don't use this. There's FileX plugin by the same author
wfx Fast search engine 0 VadiMGP ( Homepage Discussion From author  
exe TCMenu 2.0b10 0 VadiMGP ( Homepage Discussion From author 1.9
exe TCToolbar 1.4 0 VadiMGP ( Homepage Discussion From author  
exe WDXChart 0 VadiMGP ( Homepage Announcement From author Shows wdx-plugins' fields applied to a list of files (there should be %L in parameters field for the button for this utility)
wlx WDXGuide 0 VadiMGP ( Homepage Announcement From author WDXChart in a lister window
wcx TotalRSZ 1.2 beta 52 0 W. Dong aka taohe Homepage Announcement Homepage must be opened in IE-based browser. Then press on the desired plugin. Then press on the desired archive volume - a page with two buttons appears. Press the right one - you got the download link. For resizing images in batch mode
wcx TotalZAR 0 W. Dong aka taohe Homepage   Works with archives packed two times with zip and/or rar
exe New file wizard 1.4.5 0 Y ( Homepage Wiki page Not from author Creates files using user-defined templates. Remembers history. Uses registry ("New" menu) so it's not recommended to use.
wcx MPQ 1.03a 0 ziutek     From Works with MPQ-format from Blizzard. A new version (by another programmer) is available - search this list
wlx MdErtLister 2.0 0 Arkadiy Kucher aka Abadonna Homepage Old version From author Universal plugin for files created with 1C program: md,ert,dd,dds,usr,mlg
wdx CDA File Info 1.0 0 Alexander Asyabrik aka Shura     From  
exe TC Color presets 0 Alexander Sedov aka IMPOMEZIA Homepage   From author Manages TC [colors] and [searches]. Requires TC 7.0, because it uses RedirectSection wincmd.ini key (all color schemes are in separate files)
exe SM2BT 0.2.2 & 0.5 beta 0 Alexey Viskubov aka GeNtlE Homepage     Mighty alternative for KillOk
wlx RadminPlg 3.21 0 Alexey Vorobey Homepage   From author  
wfx WIACam 1.0 0 Anton Korneev Homepage Announcement From author  
wflx SGHFS 1.41+SGHMMF 1.2 0 Vadim Borodavko aka Javer Homepage   From author 1.3
wfx Canoncam 1.8 0 Vladislav Sagunov Homepage Version for EOS cameras From author 1.7
wfx FB2Lib 0.5.6 0 Dmitriy Roshka aka bookmist Homepage   From author A FB2-books library manager
exe FB2Lib SettsEd 0 Dmitriy Roshka aka bookmist Homepage   From author  
wcx FB2 Data Extractor 0 Dmitriy Roshka aka bookmist Homepage   From author  
wdx FB2 Metadata 0 Dmitriy Roshka aka bookmist Homepage   From author  
wlx FB2 Thumbnails 0 Dmitriy Roshka aka bookmist Homepage   From author  
exe TC History Cleaner 0 Egor Zhukov aka KiSh     From Cleans wincmd.ini from various history entries.
wlx PictureViewer 0.0.4 0 Ivan Shinkarenko aka 4ekucT     Not from author Buggy: sometimes it closes silently, cursor arrows make inverted effect... Two dlls from the "plugins" folder must be in %windir%\system32
wlx Putty 0.0.3 0 Ivan Shinkarenko aka 4ekucT     Not from author  
wlx WebBrowser 0.0.3 0 Ivan Shinkarenko aka 4ekucT     Not from author Esc doesn't exit, "4" doesn't load next plugin... and this plugin works slowlier than htmlview
exe wincmdiclchanger 0 Igor Murij Homepage   Not from author  
wcx Catalog Maker 3.1.4 0 Konstantin Polyakov Homepage Sources From 2.4
wdx Group 0.8.2b 0 Mikhail Doronin aka MiDoS Homepage   From author  
wdx Rename 0.5a 0 Mikhail Doronin aka MiDoS Homepage   From author  
wfx Tweak Collector 1.25l 0 Mikhail Yanukovich aka C@PRiK0RN Announcement   From  
exe KillOk 3.1 0 Motorocker ( Homepage   From author Automatically kills user-defined windows of certain types
exe Total Scripts 0.9.3 beta 2 0 Oleg Dubrovskiy Homepage   From author  
wlx SMI 0 Pavel Anosov aka Anoss Discussion Announcement Not from author Allows to view compressed SMS messages = *.smi - Siemens Mobile Phone Inbox SMS File
wdx Code 0 Pavel Dubrovskiy aka D1P Discussion   From author  
wfx Opera bookmarks 0 Pavel Dubrovskiy aka D1P Discussion   From author Sources
wfx Opera notes 0 Pavel Dubrovskiy aka D1P Announcement   From author  
wdx EML 1.0 0 Pavel Dubrovskiy aka D1P Announcement   From author  
wfx Siemens DES 1.2 0 Roman Vasilenko Homepage   From author 1.1
wfx Siemens MPM 2.01a 0 Roman Vasilenko, Artur Shvedov Homepage   From author  
wlx ListForm 1.0 0       From  
exe Lst2run 0.4b 0       From  
iconpack MAC exe 0       From  
wfx SEPhone 0   Homepage   From author Assess file system of SonyEricsson k500/k700/k750/s700/w800/t630
exe TC Dir 0       From Christisn Ghisler's inireloc alternative with Russian language GUI.
wlx TxQuickView 1.3 0 SpeedProject Homepage   From author 1.2
wfx Complex TC burner 3.68 $14.95 Complex New Technologies Homepage   From author 3.65
wfx Back2Life 2.4 $15 Alex Mokrov Homepage   From author 2.1
exe Password recovery 1.0.120 $17 Reactive Software Homepage   From author See also: Christian Ghisler's Tccrypt; Shura's FTP passwords' decrypting tool; Unknown author's Windows Commander FTP crack
chm Dark help for TC 11.03
(English & German)
0 Christian Ghisler (content),
Austin Basso and James Morris (correction),
Peter H. S. Madsen
(dark style and illustrations)
Anncounced in forum topic   Darkhelp for TC 11.03
Darkhelp2 for TC 11.03

Darkhelp for TC 10.52
Darkhelp2 for TC 10.52
Official English and German CHM Help in dark style.
Darkhelp: Left panel with navigation tools is not dark.
Darkhelp2: Left panel is also dark (except for the menu items).
To install, execute the package from within Total Commander.

Packer plugins

  • StegoTC - steganographic plugin for TC
  • DarkCryptTC - freeware plugin, can encrypt any file using 40 algorithms
  • SSSR wcx packer - single file LZMA packer
  • ELKA wcx packer - another single file LZMA packer
  • JustBZLP wcx packer - single file BZIP packer
  • JustZip - single file ZIP packer
  • DarkPackTC - single file packer for small files

File system plugins

Lister plugins

  • ShellThumbs 1.00 Lister plugin with thumbnail only support. Same as internal Explorer thumbs mode (very buggy --> not recommended!!!).
  • Nfoviewer 0.8 EN Plugin allows to view nfo and diz files. Support Thumbnail view, option for save as picture, block select... (author: MovieZ) Localized Versions: German version, Spanish version

Content plugins

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